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Medical Negligence

Medical professionals must comply with a standard of care, namely, to treat their patients in accordance with the conduct of a reasonable medical provider with the same qualifications and experience. Should the conduct fail to comply with the reasonable standard of care, a medical negligence or malpractice claim may be instituted.

Examples of
medical negligence:

Negligence does not always result in complications, injury or death. A claim only succeeds if it can be proven that the negligence caused specific harm.

4 elements of medical negligence resulting in medical malpractice:

The following four elements must be present in order to prove medical malpractice:

We commonly argue the following complications due to medical malpractice:

How to claim compensation
for personal injury

In order to claim compensation for personal injury, it is vital that certain elements concerning the incident can be proven. It has to be proven that the other party was negligent because they failed to take the necessary precautionary measures to prevent the injury, or that the action of the other party resulted in the injury.

Should the other party be a company or the state, it must also be proven that the action was unlawful and that it was done against the regulations set out by that company or organ of the state.

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