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Personal Injuries

Any injury to the body, mind or emotions can be regarded as a personal injury. Legally one may claim for damages due to a personal injury incurred through the negligence of another person, a company or the state.

Types of incidents that may be grounds for a legal claim:

Claims for damages are often calculated by considering the following expenses:

*Past meaning from the date of the incident to date of judgment or settlement.

How to claim compensation
for personal injury

To claim compensation for personal injury, it is crucial to establish certain facts. Firstly, it must be proven that the other party acted negligently by either failing to take necessary precautions to prevent the injury or by directly causing the injury.

Additionally, it is important to demonstrate that the negligence directly caused the injury. Seeking immediate medical attention after the incident is vital, and keeping records of medical treatment, counselling, and any related documents is essential.

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