Requirements for Legal Assistance:
Necessary Information and Documentation

To help us quickly determine your chances of success in taking legal action, Joseph’s Incorporated Attorneys will usually need specific information and documents from you.


Prior to making an enquiry kindly note:

Any prospective client has 3 (three) years from the date of the occurrence, or knowledge of the negligence, to institute an action. Timeous enquiries with Joseph’s Incorporated Attorneys are advised. Exceptions to this time period relate to claims on behalf of minors or individuals who, due to their youth, mental and/or physical injuries, are unable to take care of their own affairs.

  1. Note that Joseph’s Incorporated Attorneys will generally require (prior to the first consultation) inter alia:
      • A written history of the events leading to your enquiry; The names, addresses and telephone numbers of all medical practitioners and/or institutions and/or the individual about whom you are making the enquiry, and medical practitioners involved in your treatment 5 (five) years prior to the incident giving rise to the enquiry, as well as all medical practitioners involved in your treatment thereafter; Copies of your identity document and marriage certificate (if applicable); If applicable copies of your:
            • Curriculum vitae
            • Letters of employment
            • IRP5 and/or tax returns for 5 years prior to the enquiry
            • Salary slips
            • Business founding documents
      • Details of your medical aid
      • In the event of a claim as a result of the death of an individual, copies of:
            • The deceased’s identity document
            • The deceased’s death certificate
            • Last Will and Testament (if applicable)
            • Liquidation and Distribution account (if applicable)
            • Documentation mentioned in paragraph 4 above

Should you wish to give details of an incident, please ensure that your email contains the following:

We will always promptly respond to you.

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