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Motor Vehicle Accident

If you are injured or if a member of your family has died as a result of a motor vehicle accident, you can claim compensation from the Road Accident Fund (RAF) in the event that another driver negligently caused the motor vehicle accident.

You can claim compensation
from the RAF if:

What you can you claim
for from the RAF:

What is the RAF?

The RAF is a special fund that pays compensation owed to the victim of a road accident on behalf of the negligent driver who caused the accident. The RAF is funded by a tax that is included in the price of petrol and diesel. This is known as the fuel levy. Everyone who buys petrol or diesel in South Africa therefore contributes to the fund.

When you cannot claim compensation:

You cannot claim compensation from the RAF if you caused the accident in which you were injured. This includes accidents where you were the only person involved, e.g. you drove into a ditch.

Claiming from the RAF can sometimes be challenging. As a result, you should make sure that you have expert legal assistance. If you suspect that you have grounds for a claim, and would like advice on how to proceed with a civil case, contact us today.

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